Cash Can Is Back!

Cash Can Rules!   

         November 29th, 2021

Week 1

11/29  1. The treasure hunt begins today; search well, the clues will lead the way

11/30  2.Look for the cash can near the spot. When you see it you’re getting hot.

12/1  3. Look to the left look to the right. If you hunt at night you will need a light.

12/2  4. As you travel down the lane keep a keen eye; you don’t want the cash can to pass you by.

12/3  5. As you are going along make sure you don’t miss the turn. During your search for the cash can you may see a worm.


Week 2

12/6   1. Looky Here Looky There; You don’t have to look everywhere.  Looky up, Looky Down–It’s next to some open ground.

12/7   2. Search near the edge is what you need to do–if you don’t you’ll be singing the blues

12/8   3.You can look to the right but it’s better to look to the left you see.  On public property on Wayne County your treasure hunt should be.

12/9   4.To be Successful it’s better not to be bland.  As you search for the can, look down in the sand.

12/10  5.To be successful you need to be constant with your actions.  Find the cash can and you will get lots of Jacksons.


Week 3

12/13  1.You can enter from one side or you can enter from the other.  If you win the $1055.00 be sure to tell your mother.

12/14  2.You don’t want to tank when you are giving it your all.  To find the cash can you may have to move a branch.  Be careful, don’t fall

12/15   3.You may or may not see a beaver but there is water around.  Of course during the winter the grass turns brown.

12/16   4.Not too far down from the intersection that looks like a…(T) that is where you need to be looking don’t you see.

12/17   5.There is no place like home is what Dorothy said.  Stop at the railroad tracks when the lights are flashing red.


Week 4

12/20  1. In order to create a more perfect union is in the constitution of the united states you know.  Study the clues carefully to find their hidden meanings.  Don’t look high…look low.

12/21  2. Look for two almost identical fields and green and brown.  Sometimes you will go straight. Sometimes round and round.

12/22  3. The bays show the way especially during the day.  If you find the can you can shout yay…yes you may.

12/23, 12/24 no clues