78-84% of listeners in Wayne County are tuned to WIFO on any given day.

We offer a variety of ways you can advertise your business on the radio as well as our new website. Both online and on the air, we offer local news and commentary that is updated continuously throughout the day. With large audiences across all our platforms, we offer your business a great opportunity to increase your exposure to local buyers.

RADIO –  Our advertisers have the ability to target specific demographic groups in the Southeast Georgia region with ease. Our station/format targets a specific audience, area and demographic group for maximum appeal and minimum duplication of audience between stations. Our station offers regular news and weather updates.

DIGITAL – Our new website offers a unique opportunity to advertise your business on the internet at a reasonable cost.

Fill out the form below or give us a call about placing a Banner Ad on our website or a commercial on our Radio broadcast.  912 427 3711

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