Cash Can Clues

Here Are The Winners!

Left to right PIctured: Kevin McReady, Butch Hubbard, Tina Murphy, not pictured: Linda McReady

Official Clues for the WIFO Georgia Dermatology Cash Can

*Week 1     5/7-11/2018

1. Enjoying the warmer weather

2. Brown is around

3. Trees can be seen

4. Roads are nearby

5. I’m protected from the sunlight


Week 2         5/14 -18/2018

1. Safety First

2. Beware of posted signs

3. Parking is close by

4. My hiding place can be popular

5. Playing happens near me


Week 3    5/21-25/2018

1.  Water plays an effect at my hiding place

2. There’s a fence close by

3. Distant trains sound louder at night

4. Fishing for new strategies is helpful in competition.

5.  Multi use area


Week 4    5/28-6/01/2018

1. My location can be well lit at night.

2. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

3. What it takes to be a champion.

4. Remember clue 17 and find the hidden access to me.

5. You can find me where the Yellow Jackets play.

*This is the only location that provides official Big Dog Country Cash Can Clues for the week of 5/7-11 2018  WIFO is not responsible for misinterpretation of the rules or clues and has no liability whatsoever.