Cash Can Rules

The Winners!

Left to right PIctured: Kevin McReady, Butch Hubbard, Tina Murphy, not pictured: Linda McReady

Official Clues for the WIFO Georgia Dermatology Cash Can *Week 1     5/7-11/2018

1. Enjoying the warmer weather

2. Brown is around

3. Trees can be seen

4. Roads are nearby

5. I’m protected from the sunlight


Week 2         5/14 -18/2018

1. Safety First

2. Beware of posted signs

3. Parking is close by

4. My hiding place can be popular

5. Playing happens near me


Week 3    5/21-25/2018

1.  Water plays an effect at my hiding place

2. There’s a fence close by

3. Distant trains sound louder at night

4. Fishing for new strategies is helpful in competition.

5.  Multi use area


Week 4    5/28-6/01/2018

1. My location can be well lit at night.

2. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.

3. What it takes to be a champion.

4. Remember clue 17 and find the hidden access to me.

5. You can find me where the Yellow Jackets play.

*This is the only location that provides official Big Dog Country Cash Can Clues for the week of 5/7-11 2018  WIFO is not responsible for misinterpretation of the rules or clues and has no liability whatsoever.

One specially marked can is hidden in Wayne County Georgia.

If it is retrieved it will be worth $1055.00 from Georgia Dermatology and WIFO Big Dog Country.
You must be 18 years old to claim the prize.

One clue describing the Cash Can location will be given every Monday thru Friday during the contest. The daily clue will be read on the air as close as possible to 7:10am, 12:50pm, 3:03pm and 5:50pm.

Each Friday at 5pm or shortly thereafter the current week’s clues will be posted on line at

The Georgia Dermatology–Big Dog Country Cash Can is hidden on public property only. Please treat areas you search with respect and cause no damage.

No digging or climbing is involved in finding the Cash Can.

If the Cash Can is found it must be brought to Georgia Dermatology or WIFO Big Dog Country radio station within 24 hours of being removed from its hiding spot. If it is not brought and turned in or we are not notified within the time specified above, the contest will be declared over with no prize awarded.

If the can is located on a weekend day (Saturday, Sunday) Notification via text at 912 427 3711 will suffice until such time as verification can take place.

We will continue to give clues at the scheduled times until the Cash Can has been found, positively identified, and in our possession.

Employees and family members of Georgia Dermatology or WIFO Big Dog Country, and/or other radio stations/companies located in Georgia are not allowed to win.

Winner will be responsible for all taxes that may be levied by State and Federal Governments.

Winners agree that Georgia Dermatology and WIFO Big Dog Country can use their image, story, and names in promoting the contest.

Georgia Dermatology and WIFO Big Dog Country cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur during the search.

Georgia Dermatology and WIFO Big Dog Country cannot be held liable for any cost that occurs during the search process.

Georgia Dermatology and WIFO Big Dog Country cannot be held liable for errors in transmission due to programming or other unforeseen

circumstances. In the event a clue is missed due to off air or programming issues, it will be broadcast at the next available opportunity.

WIFO Jesup Broadcasting is not responsible for cached internet pages or any other misinterpretation of clues or rules based on Internet Search.

The only official path to Clues posted online is by logging on to, and following links from that specific web address.

Any other error based on internet issues or any other error absolves WIFO Jesup Broadcasting from any liability.

Dr. Michael Sharkey and Physician Assistants Heather NeSmith & Lindsey Bookhardt